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 The good news is that one of my favorite chains, the Regal Cinemas have resurrected themselves joining the Cedar Lee Cinemark Chagrin Cinemas Atlas Cinemas The Lake and a couple of others.  It's much better to watch a movie in a theatre than on TV no matter how big your set is.  Even though I subscribe to Disney plus I still went to the interstate regal just because I like those guys.

 So at this writing very promising MARE OF EASTTOWN  has still not finished up with its 1st season. Not a problem I guess but it's really a drag to start on something and have to wait week after week for a new episode.  Whether it's a true binge or just an episode every day or 2 it's a lot easier to follow whatever story you are watching. So, I abandoned that one in favor of something that's been around for a little while, three seasons so far,  but with season number 4 on its way, STARTUP.   The title may lead you to believe it's a Silicon Valley soap opera but really that's a long way from the truth. It's actually a gritty crime drama that mixes in a few completely different groups of people at various levels of charisma and criminality.  Adam Brody is the nebbish son of a money laundering father who's gotten in trouble with some dangerous people.   Due to his own clumsy and misguided foray into that world he’s hooked himself up with Izzy (Otmara Marento) a misunderstood computer genius who has come up with a world changing program world changing program. As the story unfolds, they intertwine with a truly evil FBI agent (Martin Freeman) a Haitian street gang and the Russian mob just to name a few.  Much like BREAKING BAD I didn't particularly care for this one for the 1st couple episodes but by number 3 I was hooked.  One downside is that while sex scenes don't really bother me it seems as if the soft-core porn is overdone and unnecessary. That does,, however, balance itself out as the season goes along.

Edit:  There is news that season number 4 may be in jeopardy even though everyone expected this series to go on after Netflix purchased the franchise. It has just recently taken a spike in popularity and hopefully that will prompt the streaming service to go ahead with the next installment. They are all too often weasels and chiselers so there's no guarantee but cross your fingers.



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