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A final argument for starting Quinn


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Look, I actually like Anderson. I just think for this team Quinn is a better fit. I think the factors that should make Quinn our choice are:


1. Decision making- Anderson loves to throw into double/triple coverage.

2. Mobility-Not that Quinn is fast, but Anderson is too gangly to scramble


Neither one has very good accuracy. Anderson has the well renowned cannon arm. What I hope Mangini and his staff look at is last season. All teams had to do was drop into Cover 2 and 3. Once the deep ball was taken away Anderson was revealed to be an inaccurate QB with questionable decision making skills. Better to move the ball down the field in 6 to 8 yard chunks than hoping for a 30 yard strike every third series.


Also, I hope Mangini was watching ESPN's wrapup of the Detroit game. They mentioned many times that the protection broke down several times on Quinn. You can't pass the ball well when a defender is in your face as soon as the ball is snapped. The O line really let Quinn down. I don't know if they were tired or started putting in the second stringers, but there it is.


That's my simple argument for starting Quinn. I'm really think if Anderson starts it's going to be a repeat of last season.

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4:01:35 pm Browns QB Brady Quinn has struggled in practice today.

LMAO.....I will take a struggling Quinn over a struggling Anderson any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Anderson is not going to start for an Eric Mangini coached team. He had the gunslinger bring down his season already - Favre.


It takes a smart QB to play situational football, and Anderson was built for a quick strike. That's good when you're behind, which you usually are when DA plays, but that'll last a drive, and then the D just pressures and plays the seam. And then that's all she wrote folks.


This competition was all about increasing DA's value - and you seem to be the last to know. I have no idea why you're hanging on anymore. We threw seam passes against Detroit. That's it. Nothing too hard to figure out for a D.


Lumnutsacksucker - it's over.

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