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Real Games begin

The Gipper

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The Gipper's weekend observations:


1. Lest we not forget but real football games begin already. Tonight most high school teams kick off their season's. I know because I am "forced" to go because my daughter is a JV cheerleader. JV cheerleader's do cheer at their team's home games and I am "expected" to be there. Not that I mind seeing here cheer or seeing the game, its just that I get no thrill any more from sitting on my backside for 2 and a half hours on a hard cold steel bench. Yea, I can bring a bleacher pad, but I would rather sit on my couch like I do for all the other games I watch.


2. Which reminds me: why in the hell if the NFL season not starting until September 13th? With a 17 week schedule this pushes the end of the regular season back practically until the middle of January doesn't it? And the Super Bowl is in freeking February? Hell, the high schools and some colleges will have played 3 games by the time the Pros get started? Why couldn't they move the start of the season up to at least Labor Day weekend as they usually have in the past? Why are they afraid of starting their season early enough to get the regular season over with by the end of the year?

WTF is up with that?


3. Saw Inglorius Bastards, and yes, I agree that it may be Tarantino's best effort since Pulp Fiction.


4. Maybe a few of you are like me and getting your kids off to college for the first time. Hopefully things went as smoothly for you as they did for me. My son goes to a small school, only 1600 students, and they have been a dream to work with. I couldn't imagine taking a kid to an Ohio State or other giant school.


5. Most absurd civil rights protest I have ever seen: the Lesbian chef on Top Chef complaining about not having her heart the challenge which was putting together a meal for a Bachelor party because "under the law I am not allowed to get married to my significant other". Exsqueeze me!!. You volunteered to be on this TV show, and your job is to cook, not gripe. Welcome to planet Earth. Men and women get married, they have parties to celebrate it, they hire people like you to cook for it. STFU.


6. Hot chick of the week: Inspired by the Inglorius Basterds and by the post on the Hotcheerleaders thread I got out Kill Bill

and give the nod this week to Lucy Liu. And who is it: Shepwrite or somebody who wants to put a penis on all these chicks, with Lucy, sorry, she was born in the year of the Fox.

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My oldest Daughter went to a larger State school, Bowling Green, but my Son & youngest Daughter both went to a small private school, Muskingum. I agree, the small school was much easier to deal with, AND financial assistance is MUCH more available in the small, private schools. It cost me HALF out of pocket to send my Son to Muskingum than it cost to send his 4 year older Sister to BG, even though Muskingum's tuition was $5,000.00 more per year. The private schools have a lot more $$ available for the kids...That's a helpful hint for you younger folks...don't rule out private schools thinking you can't afford them. You might be surprised!


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