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LIberals have a sick desperate need to control any narrative


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In THIS example....the Titlist company will not allow "Let's Go Brandon" on any personalized golf balls.

At the same time.... they WILL ALLOW..."Kill Trump". Now that they have the power, granted to them by the corrupt left that hates our

Constitution/Bill of Rights because it doesn't let them take the power they crave........

they are all in on intolerance, censorship, "cancel Culture".... (which is what the nazis did to the Jews in all aspects of their lives)


itleist bans customers from personalizing golf balls with 'Let's Go Brandon' message but allows 'Kill Trump'

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2 hours ago, MLD Woody said:

I just tried it and it let me add the golf ball to my cart 

Cal got that from The Blaze  Glen Beck's ultra right wing source.   I'll check around...... just a minute......

Well it's on FOX and other conservative sites.  Evidently FOX tried to order some and the parent company of Titleist Akusnet decided not to use those words as they have every right to do, see screenshot,  so ?  And a dozen V 1 monogrammed balls $50 not for me.

Not some big liberal plot in fact I think the whole thing is just silly some big overblown about nothing story.  Damn liberal golfers ! :lol:

I'd rather do something else. Fore !


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