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Abe Elams newest blog 9/2


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Abe Elam should be writing about how he's gonna be working harder in his pass defense so Mike Adams doesnt take his spot. Because Abe has been great in run stopping, but he has not shown that he can be a 2nd/3rd down safety. IMHOP he has been the weakest link in our secondary.


I think he has great upside, but he better get his head in the game.

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Abe talks about camp ending, sleeping in his own bed, the preseason games so far, the game against the Bears on Thursday, and how the team is growing.

Abe's blog



Happy to be Home


Written by Abe Elam, Wednesday September 02 2009


We broke camp and Im not sleeping in a hotel anymore. Im excited just to be sleeping in my bed every night.


Training camp was tough but it really brought the team together. The guys got a chance to learn a lot about each other. When you go through tough times, you lean on each other. Thats one of the great things about camp.


But after three weeks, Im just happy to be home and sleeping in my bed.


I think the team is doing very well, weve had two wins in our last two games and I can see improvement. We had a big victory against Tennessee, we improved on offense and defense and as a whole unit. Things are looking good and were building some momentum going into the season.


We have another tough one when we finish our preseason at Chicago. Anytime theyre keeping score, were trying to win.


Personally, I feel like Im playing better, Im continuing to improve. Im taking advantage of all the reps Im getting in training camp, when you get to see different things. Im definitely enjoying the way weve been communicating in the secondary.


Were still growing as a unit and as a team, but I feel were on the right path.


Abram Elam is a safety with the Cleveland Browns. His blog for www.playerpress.com runs at www.abeelam.com. Follow him on Twitter @abeelam.

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