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Browns cut Landry


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Cleveland Browns releasing wide receiver Jarvis Landry in cost-saving move

Not unexpected, but still a bummer. Sometimes this business is a cold calculus. Dude balled out the whole time he was here and never complained. Thanks for helping to start the culture change around here, 88. Hope you land on a good team (unless it's the Ravens or Steelers)



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1 hour ago, SdBacker80 said:

He did the little things better than 99% of what is out there.  So this a tough loss.

If he was reasonable with his restructure shame on the Browns.

Restructures typically only work if a guy wants to be on the team. Matter of fact speaking I completely understand Landry wanting to move on. The Browns releasing him at the start of the free agency was a class move too.

Nothing but love for Juice but he also wasn’t worth the contract he had, not even close. I hope he goes to a team with a great chance for success. The Bills would make a lot of sense.

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2 hours ago, jrb12711 said:

but he also wasn’t worth the contract he had,

...and thus the salary cap.  Yeah, not worth 16mil...but we got a guy worth 20.  

Mike Martz on The Fan today said, "You've gotta have three good receivers".  How many do we have?  We HAD one.  But we just cut him (too much $$).  Supposedly we've got one coming in a couple of days (even more $$$).  

So far I'm up to one.

DPJ is good during training camps.   Higgins isn't productive (have we cut him yet this year?).  Schwartz, I hear he runs fast.  Felton, I hear he doesn't run fast but is 'shifty'.  

I'm still up to one...if the deal doesn't fall through.

(of course, there's rumors of us linked to Robinson...has he signed somewhere else?)

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I loved his signing, I loved his attitude and I loved his performance.

Business is business, but best of luck and best wishes from now on, Juice! 

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