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5 minutes ago, ATOM said:

hell ya

After this move.. I'm expecting a Superbowl... if not... this entire FO should be FIRED!...

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I'm of mixed emotions on this one.

Is it an upgrade? The numbers say yes but I dont know. It's going to feel scummy and hypocritical. I love the browns so it's not hard to root for the uniform but Watson is...well he's a fucking scumbag no matter how many mental gymnastics you want to do. It's kind of like we wished on the monkey's paw for an elite QB. Well...here he is but...he's super rapey. 

Either way I liked Baker and I wish him well. Love him or hate him his years here were more exciting than anything since the days of Bernie and co. Since I was born in the 1980s it's only the second browns team I've seen be decent for more than a single season. He'll always be ok in my book. 

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1 hour ago, LBC mike said:

career ending knee injury would be our luck

At least the Browns wouldn't be on the hook for his salary... 

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