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stalin putin's war crimes war on the Ukraine


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Closer and closer to WWIII. Why? because he is targeting innocent civilians. Blasting schools, orphanages, hospitals.

It's now or maybe never for stalin/putin.

America has never been this weak in our history. stalin/pukin demands his soviet union back, and more. He was bragging about his hypersonic missiles before - he can't wait because he feels he has the upper hand. 2000 tactical battlefield nukes, he is going for it.

Let him have all of europe, or he will throw nukes around? Where in the red line?

The Ukraine is just a launching pad for war vs NATO. Ukraine is his proxy location to launch his war. He doesn't care if his army gets blasted now, he won't care if they get blasted fighting NATO from Ukraine territory.

Some group should go take out his ultra expensive luxury yacht.





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