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I'm sick of the expression GOAT.


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The term has never bothered me... Brady qualifies... IMHO, so does LeBron (he's already got Jordan beat in every category-except Championships). And he's going to be #1 on all time scoring next year, barring getting crippled, he'll pass Jabbar in points.  

Yeah I suppose if you want to be picky "all time" is a misnomer, until the next goat starts grazing in that rarified pasture.  :)   


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I actually agree with the op here, and it irks me when trivial things irk me because they’re so trivial. 

But yeah, l always wondered how pop culture embraced the whole “greatest of all time” meaning for something that just a short time ago was reserved for the player that blew it for everyone else. That’s quite the 180 for a pop culture reference. 

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I don't mind the double meaning for GOAT.... It's no different than read, live, crane, feet, left, point, right, ship, train, wave, etc... 

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8 hours ago, SkippinTurtles said:

Bill Buckner was the original goat for me, ball through legs.  Now it means greatest of all time.  Brady and LeBron can lick all the balls and call themselves GOAT.

The meaning of the word isn't being changed. GOAT just so happens to be the acronym for the Greatest Of All Time. You do realize that right?  It has dual meanings.

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