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Gallup's yearly Rating World Leaders


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US Global Approval Rating Shot up 15 Points From Trump to Biden: Poll (businessinsider.com)

Link to Gallup is in the article. To non-cult member this is no surprise. Global approval of the US shot up 15 points during Biden's first year after crashing under Trump, new polling finds. Not that reality means anything to you cult members. 😄

A Gallup graph showing global approval of the US

On on, Russia's approval rating of the US took a hit. Russia sure does love Cheetos Jesus.

A map of global swings in US approval







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From your groomer's own link...


But Biden's honeymoon appears to have ended during the US' chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Some changes in approval could also be due to surveying methods, Gallup said. .

The firm used phone and in-person interviews with nationally representative samples among people 15-years-old or older. 


You groomers do like the children!

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