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I am like most of you - Hard Rock & Metal rule my song selections. AC/DC, Led Zep, Metallica (old), etc...


But I was brought up listening to the Beatles, Janis Joplin, Chicago, Elvis, CS&N, etc... Most are still on my Ipod now.


But I saw this guy, Danyl Johnson, on X-Factor on Youtube and he blew me away. I always liked Joe Cockers version the best, but if this came out on CD tomorrow, I would buy it.


Check it out and let me know what you think.


Danyl Johnson - Youtube

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errrr X factor?... i think it was maybe its the right timing in a right place with a right person in english when you meet all those conditions, then you get the best in the good shoot. So if you are the right personwith good skills but without the others condition, then its came out just another good but not that best shoot... hehehee just my 2 cent

By the way, to whom the biotualet is necessary, come I recommend biotualet.

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