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Critical race theory curriculum in K-12 schools is going 'horribly wrong,' teachers say


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Critical race theory curriculum in K-12 schools is going 'horribly wrong,' teachers say

Critical race theory curriculum in K-12 schools is going 'horribly wrong,' teachers say3

'Parents, when we tell you critical race theory isn't taught in our schools we're lying,' a whistleblower said

An Illinois high school history teacher, Frank McCormick, told "Fox & Friends" that he decided to blow the whistle on what was being taught at his school because parents are being "gaslit into this lie that CRT does not exist in [K-12] education."

"It’s not explicitly taught," he said, "but it’s used as a lens through which curriculum and lessons are filtered … based on …presuppositions that racism is … systemic [in America]."

Critics say that when the theory's concepts are applied to curriculum for K-12 schools, it is an utter disaster. 

Erec Smith, an associate professor of rhetoric at York College of Pennsylvania, said in an op-ed, that while "third-graders aren’t reading legal theory from the 80s written by people in their 80s, …  their teachers have likely read the literature, and when trying to put this theory into practice, things go horribly wrong."

Smith argued that there should be a bipartisan push against CRT because it is "adamantly opposed" the foundation of liberty – "free speech, equality, individuality, and the concept of merit." 

"You can imagine what kind of 'education' would ensue if teachers implicitly and explicitly demonize these concepts," he said. 

A schoolteacher from New York City, Paul Rossi, said in Bari Weiss' "Common Sense" Substack that his students are frustrated with the indoctrination pedaled through Grace Church High School. 

"[M]y school is asking me to embrace ‘antiracism’ training and pedagogy that I believe is deeply harmful … [for] any [teacher] who seeks to nurture the virtues of curiosity, empathy and understanding," he said. "[Students] report that, in their classes and other discussions, they must never challenge any of the premises of our 'antiracist' teachings, which are deeply informed by Critical Race Theory." 

Additionally, he claimed the school is keeping a lookout for students who are not acclimating to the propaganda culture. 

Tony Kinnett, a former Indiana school administrator who was placed on leave after exposing CRT curricula at his school in a video posted on Twitter, also said that parents are overtly being lied to about CRT.

"Parents, when we tell you critical race theory isn't taught in our schools we're lying. Keep looking," the whistleblower said. "It means one thing, go away and look into our affairs no further."

Moreover, some left-wing K-12 teachers openly admit they approve and seek to transmit CRT concepts to their students. A current assistant principal at the Castle Bridge School in Washington Heights, New York, David Rosas, said on Chalkbeat that the controversial topic "is not something I will shy away from… Critical race theory is interwoven in all that I do."

"I needed space to be a teacher who was racially literate and racially radical," he continued. 

A Detroit superintendent, Nikolai Vitti, publicly admitted during a school board meeting that CRT was embedded within the schools' curriculum. 

"Our curriculum is deeply using critical race theory, especially in social studies, but you’ll find it in English, language arts, and the other disciplines," Vitti said. "We’re very intentional about creating a curriculum, infusing materials and embedding critical race theory within our curriculum."


Despite these facts, the denial of CRT in K-12 has reached some of the highest levels in American politics. 

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