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PG-13.  90


I'm going to change up my modus operandi and tell you right up front I've been generous in my grade of this new feel-good film from star director and producer Channing Tatum. You have to give the guy credit; his career has certainly taken an ascending arc since the days of being a semi exotic dancer as has been reported. And maybe not the actual script but the plot is one that should be a success especially in this age of miserable woke movies.

 Tell me if this story doesn't sound like a winner. Tatum plays ex Ranger Jackson Briggs who has been booted out of the service due to medical reasons, possibly  PTSD. Though he feels he can still cut it there's no one willing to give him a second chance to reevaluate his status no matter what he tries. He's depressed and desperate and just about to the end of his rope what an officer gives him a glimmer of hope. If he can successfully complete a task, he could at least get a visit to the army doctor for one more chance. You see one of his canine unit, or whatever they call it, Ranger buddies has died and for optics the generals and politicians want his German shepherd, Lulu, to be at the funeral many my miles away. To make this assignment even tougher the dog has been really hard to handle since her master passed.   Worse than that, right after the funeral the army plans to put her down. Neither she nor Briggs’ futures look very bright.

 With that storyline I think this movie should just about write itself  and it kind of does.  I don't think I'm spoiling anything by telling you that over the next hour and a 1/2 Briggs and Lulu navigate through some strange, humorous, even dangerous situations as they eventually form a lifelong bond.  The problem is that too most of these situations aren't really that exciting or funny or even believable and all too often border on the  stupid and even unpleasant.   A couple of examples are getting captured by some crazy hippies out in the boondocks and taking an unnecessary shot at the military police.

 This is the kind of movie that would be great in the hands of Disney or Dreamworks or just about anybody with the vision to smooth out some of the bumps along the way in the simple but satisfying premise.  Still despite the obvious flaws DOG has a happy ending that shines through the self inflicted wounds of a bad script. And because I've never heard anyone say that Channing Tatum was anything other than a nice guy I'm going to give this one a mild recommendation

C +





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