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YES - electoral fraud in 2020 is real. bigtime real.


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RedState Weekly Briefing: Fact Checking the Fact Checkers, Russian Frigate Aflame, and Neutering the Woke

"County, GA, in December, 2020. SOURCE: 2000 Mules movie, screenshot

#1 –  Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Debunking AP’s “2000 Mules” Hit Piece – by Jennifer Van Laar

Of course, AP has no comment as to why one would be out in the middle of the night placing numerous ballots in the drop box. I’m sure they will claim that it’s simply a hard-working person who just got off their night shift job and are dutifully taking all of their elderly relatives’ ballots to the drop box. But, of course, that hard-working person also would have visited at least 10 other ballot drop boxes and made five visits to the identified nonprofit organizations alleged to have served as stash houses.

Sounds totally legit.

#4 – After 2000 Mules Premiere, True the Vote Promises to “Pull the Ripcord” and Release ALL the Data – by Jennifer Van Laar

The film’s findings are based a review of more than 4 million minutes of ballot drop box surveillance film obtained via public records requests and analysis of a large trove of cell phone geotracking data. True the Vote, a nonprofit organization focused on election integrity issues, obtained the data and retained an investigator, Gregg Phillips, to oversee the analysis. Likely knowing that the fact checkers were going to be out in force immediately to attack the credibility of the film and the data presented therein, Engelbrecht set up a plan to have investigator Phillips perform a massive data dump they’ve code-named “ripcord” so all of the information True the Vote has will be publicly accessible."

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