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Bloated House $40 billion Ukraine aid package puts Americans last


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Bloated House $40 billion Ukraine aid package puts Americans last

Bloated House $40 billion Ukraine aid package puts Americans last


Just think of all the good that $40 billion would do at our own border...the house could have come up with policies that would benefit both migrants and Americans.


But some idiots continue to vote blue...


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True, but the author is missing the point. We MUST arm the Ukraine - or it lets the world fall apart in Europe. russia is threatening Norway and Sweden with terrible consequences for trying to join NATO. and the horrific war crimes - they could happen in other countries too, where you might be on vacation. You stop the russians now, or all hell breaks loose, like before WWII, and china goes to war with Taiwan,

The old soviet union was officially 15 countries...but they "owned"  Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania. etc etc. A failed system of gov and economics cannot survive without conquest of other states that do well. But those states start to do poorly, so.........

   It isn't money that stops us from controlling out border - it's dirty corrupt and dangerous leftwing politics. the left is allowing crisis after crisis to explode - knowing that they can more easily stay in control of our country, and can manipulate people into voting for them , so THEY can "fix" the hell they created in the first place.

  and, all those illegals - the left can't WAIT til they can give them the vote. they will own it.

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