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Disney announces new 2022 LGBTQ+ clothing collection for kids


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2 minutes ago, The Cysko Kid said:

Gas is $4.49 a gallon today but it's vitally important that consumers can buy clothes that reflect their sexual identity. 

all this damage done to our country. I wonder how high diesel is....

let's see, to fill our 200 gallon diesel fuel tank....5.26 a gallon times 200....is $1,052. Back when we actually were farming for agriculture crops profit - it cost a thousand bucks for seed and fertilizer... and we are a small farm. After paying the big farmer to combine our soybeans.... wasn't very much, but the profit?  Not enough for all that work. We are retired.

Think of how much the big farmers are paying, when they drive from one acreage to another and another.

Not going to end well, folks. and fertilizer has gone way up, fuel way up, and now...

In our seed example, prices are going way up. Perennial ryegrass seed prices are projected to be in the $1.40-$1.50 per pound range this year. Unless you were channeling your inner Nostradamus last year and budgeted for a 40% increase in seed costs for 2021, your seed budget will buy you less seed this year. Take solace though, what you can now ...
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26 minutes ago, Vambo said:

the radicals and perverts, like most liberals, demand to make all of society, everyone around them, be like them.

It's really a sick way to live. I wonder if disney will give out warning points for not  wearing lgbtq clothes.

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