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College Football Pick 'Em Begins Today!


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Hey, just as a reminder for those of you who are signed up for the College Football Pick 'Em, the first week officially starts today. The picks lock five minutes before the kickoff of each game, so there's still plenty of time to make your picks--or even to sign up for the contest, if you're interested and just too lazy to have signed up already.


As an added bonus this week, the point spread is "off" for Florida-Charleston Southern, Georgia-Tech-Jacksonville State, Iowa-Northern Iowa, Kansas-North Colorado, and North Carolina-The Citadel, so there are plenty of gimmes in this week's contest.



Florida-Charleston Southern...there should be a term for a team that is probably the best in the country but can't verify it until about halfway through the season, when they play real opponents. Maybe "Gatoriffic."

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