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"Band of Brothers"

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a historical series. I am fascinated - the realism, the scenery, is amazing. The actors are perfect - I get caught up in the movie like it is a real video of soldiers in WWII. Battle of the Bulge, all the violence, all the dying, critical injuries, ...all the stories and personal relationships.

Sponsored by the History Channel - It is a fascinating heartbreak to watch. They were truly the "Greatest Generation".

On a side note - I noted the date of one of the films - 2001.  Years ago, my Wife and the ladies - a group of friends- went to England and Scotland on a two week trip. They visited St. Paul's Cathedral. and, found out on the tour, that behind the ...lectern? they have a big volume of all the names of American Soldiers who died in WWII - they turn a page every day.

I'm also glad I recorded the series - I fast forward through the commercials.....

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I just watched the next to last part of the series. This one is called "Why We Fight".

They go on a few missions at night, and.... it shows them finding the first concentration camp.

It is devastating. They recreated the horror of what they found...I don't know how they did it. All of the starving Jews still alive in the camp....what it must have really been like for our Soldiers to have seen that....can bring tears anyone's eyes, I think. Maybe a lot "too real", but necessarily so. All based on true stories - just keeps almost being like you are watching it real - not a re-enactment.

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It's an excellent series. If you have never watched Ken Burns's Civil War series, find a way to do so. It's worth every moment spent to really understand what this country went through back then to remain the United States of America.

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On 6/10/2022 at 5:52 PM, DieHardBrownsFan1 said:

Band of Brothers and the Pacific were both HBO mini series.  Both were great.

And for any who wonder where the title "Band of Brothers" came from.......................It was Shakespeare's Henry V  St. Crispin's Day speech.

"We few, we happy few. We Band of Brothers"....at the 2:22 mark. One of my all time favorite scenes.


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