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the Colbert insurgency

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I heard they only spent one night in jail? The Jan 6 arrested or a few....? ...spent months in solitary?

This is the nazi way, the corrupt gov we have - anything that increases their power, is good.

if it opposes their power, it's bad. Fake prosecutions, fake media-drive lies verbatim, ...

out gov is out of control, unless we can have honest elections this nov, and in 2024.

  Seriously - all this fake news blowharding about the "dangers to democracy" over Jan 6......

but this gov, all the way up to biden, the doj, fbi, and the media, are SILENT about the death threat to Kavanaugh? and the ILLEGAL (but sanctioned by the dems and the doj) nasty threatening protests at Supreme Court Justices homes? and at the Supreme Court?

what the hell.......

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