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God Bless Pres Trump - he kept his promises - and predicted roe would justifiably go


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over 200 good/GREAT things Pres Trump did FOR AMERICA.

Our Constitution RULES because he put three Justices on the Supreme Court that WENT BY OUR CONSTITUTION.

   Power hungry haters hate the Constitution/Bill of Rights. ObaMao whined about it, saying he didn't like how it said what gov can't do.

the federal mandate across America over pro abortion sentiment - was just a political/social decision, not a genuine Inalienable, God-Given Right.

The plain truth is, America/all of us were doing GREAT while Pres Trump was president....except for covid, of course.

now, America is going into serious problems, it seems, at every turn.



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1 hour ago, Browns149 said:

Of course it went away. He stacked the court in his favor

every president does as soon as they get to nominate new justices. Live with it on both sides.

Meanwhile, you and woody need to read this:

(HISTORY MATTERS) ...and, ask yourselves how the hell roe turned into partial birth abortion just because on the spur of the moment, a woman decides to simply and sickly murder her healthy unborn ...or BORN child.


'Later responses by those involved

Harry Blackmun

Justice Blackmun, who authored the Roe decision, subsequently had mixed feelings about his role in the case. During a 1974 television interview, he stated that Roe "will be regarded as one of the worst mistakes in the court's history or one of its great decisions, a turning point."[183]'


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