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Practice Squad

Chip Banks

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Anderson, Brandon DB 5-10 179 12/10/1985 R Akron

Brown, Titus LB 6-3 250 03/27/1986 2 Mississippi State

Jennings, Chris RB 5-10 219 12/12/1985 R Arizona

Leggett, Lance WR 6-3 205 02/11/1985 2 Miami (Fla.)

Murray, Pat OL 6-3 310 10/31/1984 2 Truman State

Schaefering, Brian DL 6-4 295 08/20/1983 2 Lindenwood


Hope Marcus Bernard lands here if he clears waivers.

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Don't hold your breath on Norwood ................................He wasn't that impressive once the pads went on. He couldn't get off the line in press coverage and he wasn't running crisp routes or getting good separation.


It would surprise me if anybody addded him to their PS. I think someone may add Hubbard.



I can see Cleveland adding another TE and maybe Benard when he clears waivers or even Hoppel.

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When Bernard and Lockett clear waivers dont be surprised when we sign them to our practice squad


Lockett didn't clear waivers, the pats signed him first. I think that's Bill's way of saying.............up yours for spygate.

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