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The latest speech

Westside Steve

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So I'm not gonna get over the top so as to let the Dems cry foul.

I watched the speech last night.

I have not yet watched the response

I have not yet watched O Reilly's guests.


It seems to me to be pretty unimpressive if one were looking for some kind of compromise thast might speed ths admittedly partiall formed plan along.


I really think the guy could have silenced a lot of critics and gotten more citizens on board had he included som honest compromises.



I felt most of his assurances were too vague to be considered real.

I felt the one olive branch to the Republicans, torte reform, was actually meaningless.

A promise to "look into it" rather than a promise to add language with teeth in it.



As to this huge amount of waste in Medicare and Medicaid, I ask why we don't just eliminate that today?

This minute. Do we need an overhaul for that?

Or when those cuts come due will we see all the hard working Americans losing jobs that this "waste" supports?



I actually agree with Howard Dean that the plan is not health care reform without the public option.

I have no problem with tellin private insurers if they drop people for X or Y they can sign up for a similar plan run by the govt.


I think triggers or ultimatums set years from today are often forgotten.


Promises to do something tomorrow if you pay me today fall apart as well.


I kind of like the "almost" public mandate.


How soon before it's dropped?


I think he should have said "Fine the insurance companies can sell across state lines.

Small businesses can group together for larger pools and thereby smaller premiums due to watering down risk."

And "Yes we can (and will) inact tough torte reform."


So Dems, tell me what you heard that you felt were concrete and do able proposals.


(Whether or not it gets out of the Senate alive)


I think he could have silenced critics assuaged doubters and gotten a deal.


Whaddya say?



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The Obama supporters are still wiping their tears because their savior was called a Liar.


Somebody had to say it.


I thought when giving speeches in public you're not supposed to use hand gestures and point as if you are scolding, as Obama did when he would tell his bold face lies while trying to debunk what has been Written in his health care bill.





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Not even the libs on this board can defend Obama's failures and lies now.


Poor Shep, he believed Obama was going to bring us all together and make


us respected in the world.


So, he completely divides this country into angry camps, attacks AMERICANS


who disagree with any of his platitude garbage, he plays on Americans' fears to


get bills passed that pay off ACORN, etc, and launch the leftists' hold on power,


and panders to the left.


It's all he has, all he ever had, all he ever was and is.


A sleazy, totally corrupt manipulator, via any means necessary.


Meanwhile, Heck's ACORN has fired some employees after they were taped


telling two undercover journalists how to use child prostitutes, and how they could


even claim a child tax credit from them.


Corruption at every turn, and even Heck can't bring himself to criticize


Obama for bringing a COMMUNIST into his admin.


Oh, and whoever it was that came after me for talking about "obama hasn't


brought in Angela Davis yet"...


No, he brought in Van Jones. I was right.


Obama IS a radical, and a user of anything radical to get ahead.

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