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Pool needs to be cut


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His play tonight is simply inexcusable, missed coverages, missed tackles... he is straight up awfull


Jones fucked up as well, B-Mac was screaming his name telling him what was going to happen on that 93 yard pass but Jones diddnt listen


Our defense blew it again


I dont think this new Coordinator is all that good, were back to seeing no pressure, at least under carthon we had a good pass rush and pass protection, now we cant defend the pass or the run

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Guest Masters

Pool?!?!?! Really? Pool is who is gonna get called out. The guy that actually caught an INT.


If a thread is gonna be started to call out a defender, it should be BMAC, Jones, Adams (who the falk trys to tackle a dude at the shoulder pads trying to lay a tough guy lick, was like watching the Texas/TT game), or Cousins. Two of those guys dropped easy picks. One fo them twice.

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