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Rocky 20's thoughts on the game last night


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I have to give credit where credit is due..........I was f.ucking right from way back in the summer when I discovered this Browns Board!


I was right when I said that DA DA DA DUMB was an average to below average QB, and that the Savage nation made a terrible mistake by signing him to a long term deal when the guy showed nothing in the big games (including the pro bowl) and shat the bed down the stretch in a play off run.


I was right when I said that Brady Quinn was the only hope you had and that they should have started him last year and stuck with the guy no matter what. Just think where you guys may be if you have listened to the great Rocky20? Well - you'd still suck because....well, because you actually live in Cleveland, but you would have a star at QB, now you do!


I was right when I said that the Savage nation is making a big mistake signing all of the free agents and making trades, and that you should be drafting your way to success - the Steeler way. Well - your free agents and trades have been a terrible disappointment.


I told you to look to the South in Atlanta - look at this guy Dimitroff, the Atlanta GM - look at the way he is building his team. Drafting a young QB and playing him right away (ala Terry Bradshaw), cutting out the high priced prima donnas - SHITNEARS said the Falcons would suck this year - HA! I have made a ton of cash on them this year!


I was wrong about one guy - Shaun Rogers - he would make a great Pittsburgh Steeler (and I am sure he would give his left nut to be one right now) - he is a stud, but you are Brown-a-tizing him right now. You play the guy 24-7 - why he is in on passing downs is beyond me - the guy is a run stuffer not a pass rusher - you are killing him - he will slow down this year due to this.


Check back with me next week - good effort last night - I like Quinn, he has a quick release, a good arm, he can avoid pressure in the pocket but yet continue to look down field to make plays, and he has great enthusiasm which will help the entire offense. (everybody except Winslow - he needs to be traded in the off-season as he is such a big time egotist - you will neve win shit with this guy on the team - I think the other TE Heiden is actually better anyways).

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