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College Football Pick 'Em--Week Two


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Less chalk this week as teams started playing more competitive opponents, in addition to some surprisingly close games. I find that the mid-majors are the hard ones to pick early in the season, as they're largely ignored by the national media. How good is TCU really? How about Utah? One rule of thumb: take a look at the opposition. If it's Virginia, take the favorite and start counting your cash.


How much less chalk was there this week? In week one, the favorites were 12-5 against the spread in the Yahoo contest (okay, that includes some D-1 vs. 1-AA gimmes that didn't have spreads). In week two, they were 10-11. In our contest, most of us did better than the favorites. Here's what happened:


Big Winner of the Week: Big Ben is a Feminine Hygiene Product paced the field this week with an impressive 16 points. Not only did he dominate the field this week, his impressive score brought him into a tie for the overall lead. Not that he's as awesome as the co-leader, but it's something to be proud of.


Shameful Dog of the Week: JCarl and Shake vs. Meatwad (which just feels like it needs a euphemism, which I might throw in next week) tied with 9 points.


This week's leaderboard:


Big Ben is a Feminine Hygiene Product: 16

Dency's Winners: 13

Beanpot: 12

DieHardBrownsFan: 12

Aloysius: 12

Ignorantly-Backsided Caucasian: 12

Timugen: 12

Thaak: 12

MarkO: 11

Solon 16: 11

EasyV: 11

Atenears: 11

Pa Pa Pickem!: 10

Dawg Robiskets: 10

Mr. Freeze: 10

JCarl: 9

Um...Shake...vs...um...Meatwad: 9


And, season-to=date:


1 Dency's Winners 25


3 SOLON16 23

3 Mark O 23

5 Aloysius 22

5 Pa Pa Pickem!! 22

5 Timugen 22

5 Thaak 22

5 Ignorantly-Backsided Caucasian 22

10 DieHardBrownsFan 21


10 Dawg Robiskets 21

10 Mr. Freeze 21

10 Beanpot 21

15 EASYV 20

16 Shake vs. Meatwad 19

17 JCARL 18

18 Irisheyez 11

19 The Hammer 10

20 Juki's Instant Losers 0

20 Pickem Winners 0

20 WVBrownsfan 0



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