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▪︎  The OHIO HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FORUM  ▪︎  and more !  ..........        Started January 25, 2024.

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▪︎  The OHIO HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FORUM  ▪︎  and more !          Started January 25, 2024.


★  ( Rev. January 25, 2024 )  -  I would be interested in hearing from the great high school football  powers alumni in Ohio like Massillon,  Canton McKinley and the Warren high schools like Warren Western Reserve,  Warren G. Harding  and other Ohio schools in the Cleveland,  Columbus,  Cincinnati  and other areas.

Both on these two stories from  1964 and  1966 by the (now closed)  Youngstown Vindicator and other stories from the above mentioned high schools and others like the areas around. Akron, Ashtabuls, Toledo, Steubenville,  and the smaller farm and southern counties which I always had some interest in.

[ ▪︎ My read on this story.]

▪︎. My grandfather used to have a post office run in the 1960s and early 1970s  between the smaller post offices  from  the a Niles (my hometown) and the Warren post offices  to  the many small post offices in the outlying beautiful  farm countries and the many little towns and villages around Kinsman,  Mespo, and the towns around the  Mosquito Lake areas. 

 It was so much fun if we would do an  allowed  ride along with him delivering the  small locked   bags of mail and packages to these small often one person  post office drop offs and pickups for the  Niles and Warren post offices.   It was a fun but very brief time together with our grandfather.   

* One day .... after one of his many post office runs our jolly grandfather had a  sudden heart attack   from which he died.   Those fun days with our grandfather  Nick  were over.   We miss him to this day.

I wondered where did these kids go to school ?   Play sports (many did) ?   Football ?  Many had basketball, some pretty good !  And I've always followed their scores !  Sports is such a big thing in the state of Ohio.

[ ▪︎ End of my read on this story. ]

SO,  please contribute  your  local newspaper or high school information or even your own stories if you have them here  ON THIS HIGH SCHOOL FORUM.

■   Thank you,  mjp  or  mjp28,  moderator on the  BROWNS, GUARDIANS and HIGH SCHOOL  Forums here.   

.......  * One small edit add  ......   for small town workers everywhere.

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▪︎-->   If anyone is interested in this  high school  thread. please just join in.    Thanks,  mjp.

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On 1/25/2024 at 2:20 PM, mjp28 said:

▪︎-->   If anyone is interested in this  high school  thread. please just join in.    Thanks,  mjp.

~ AND ~  That goes for. OHIO  high school football   and/or  out of state football too.

▪︎-->  All of you good   PA,  WVA,  East Coast,  Down South guys,  like  FLA,  TEX,  among others,   ~ AND ~  even you  West Coast,  like CA, AZ,  and everyone  else.

▪︎->  Feel free to join in with your  fine schools and guys that we will be   watching   soon on  Saturdays on the NCAA Games in   ALL DIVISONS !   Yes,  D-1A, D-1AA, D-2, and others.


ALSO  some  BIG  changes in 2024 in all college football  (see our COLLEGE FOOTBALL FORUM  here)   The SEC, BIG TEN  and others where some our  HIGH SCHOOL players will end up there.    HERE IS A SAMPLE :

●  What the Big Ten will look like: Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State, Purdue, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Rutgers, Maryland, USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, Northwestern, Illinois

●  Why the moves? Because after the two L.A.-based brands decided to leave the Pac-12 for the Big Ten last offseason, it was only a matter of time before the two biggest remaining names would make the move, too, especially considering the Pac-12's lack of a lucrative media contract.  Oregon and Washington are B1G-bound next summer, bringing most of the valuable West Coast media markets with them. And there's still some talk around Stanford and Cal to watch for, too.

See you here and our  COLLEGE FOOTBALL FORUM.       

   Thank you,  mjp,  moderator for  HIGH SCHOOL, THE TRIBE FORUM,  THE BROWNS FORUM   and  just on many others.  

         ▪︎  SO JOIN IN IF YOU'RE NOT A MEMBER NOW .       See you around this and other boards soon.      "mjp."

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