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Will ACORN really get the chop?

Mr. T

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Will ACORN really get the chop?


A skeptical email from a reader


I want to give you a heads up on the subject of ACORN, its funding, and the almost unanimous vote in the House yesterday.


This is all a Jackass smokescreen. I live in the Raleigh NC area, and yesterday Representative Virginia Foxx, was interviewed by the WPTF host Bill LuMay. The subject of the vote came up, and Ms Fox was very clear about how the game is played, especially amongst the Left.


Here is how it works. The vote is taken, and with regard to a predetermined agreement, members vote yea or nay on an issue in one manner for public consumption, and not what they really wish. Remember, appearances are crucial to the Left, or they would not be where they are. Following the vote in both the House and the Senate, the proposed legislation goes to the "Reconciliation Process", where the Real Sausage is ground and mixed together. Riders, and attachments may, or may not, be retained. Many times they are dropped without fanfare, and the politician, who voted "nay" to a proposal, gets his/her wish for the opposite and can claim that he/she was opposed to it.


This is for use come election time, and for CYA (cover your ass) purposes. My overwhelming guess is that this addition will be dropped from the reconciliation process, and only the astute will be any the wiser. Unless the citizenry is alerted to this, they will think one thing, while the likes of ACORN are kept at the trough. I would be willing to wager that if you contacted Ms Foxx, someone would be more than happy to confirm this to you.


It really needs to get out to the citizenry, and prove that the internet really IS the Main Media today, not the the dinosaur networks.


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I was watchin Glenn Beck. Beck was showing how ACORN, SEIU, TIDES, and a few other orgs, all funded by George Soros,


are interelated and all working toward the same end.


It was lights out worrisome about who is in charge of our government, and whose hands are up Obama's butt, making him move and talk.


Meanwhile, I was reading an email by some crazy individual (forward, as usual), about how the gov will enforce all Americans


to take the dreaded swine flu shot.


Isn't that stupid ? Crazy? He's just a nutcase, that's all.


Then, I hear there is a law being written to require just that as we speak.


Hmm. Seems worrying about what really is going on, and the danger? we face isn't so invalid, maybe, after all.


Obama said that illegal immigrants, btw, will NOT get hc insurance. Boy, that's a relief. Obama said anything to the contrary is a lie.


"whew !"


Then we find out, that he wants to give them citizenship before the hc insurance goes into effect.


Yep. We are all in big, big trouble with our government. We can only hope that there are enough blue dog Dems and genuine Reps


in Congress to keep our ship from hitting an iceberg.


At least until the Congressional 2010 races bring us more real AMERICANS in Congress to stop this radical takeover attempt of our country.

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ACORN rotten from the head down


The liberal political organizing group ACORN faced internal chaos and allegations of financial mismanagement and fraud long before two young conservatives embarrassed the group with undercover videos made at field offices in Washington and across the country.


Internal ACORN documents show an organization in turmoil as last year's presidential election approached, with a board torn over how to handle embezzlement by the founder's brother and growing concern that donor money and pension funds had been plundered in the insider scheme.


Minutes from a meeting ACORN held in Los Angeles last summer reveal a group then on the brink of financial collapse. "Currently owe over $800k to IRS," the minutes note. "Haven't paid medical bills of over $300k. We are essentially 'broke' nationally and lots of offices are struggling."


Some top ACORN officials tried to shield the scheme, which involved Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke. "Leadership has no faith in staff. Wade betrayed them," the minutes said.


More here


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Which is a clear indication of how corrupt Obama is.


The evidence is mounting fast. Weird stuff going on, ...


I like the video where Obama is telling "his" people in Acorn, that


after he's president, he will have them come into his White House,


and advise him on how to change America.




I think we're in very, very serious trouble in our country.

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