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Bungles will crush Browns...what does that make us


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Because Anderson led us to so many touchdowns and wins last season right?


Quit living in the first 2 months of 2007. That was a long time ago.

Coming off a concussion, without an intact starting receiving corps, during the difficult part of the schedule, the Browns won 3 of 8... did worse after Anderson was demoted, the schedule got easier and Winslow, Edwards and Stallworth were all healthy.


Anderson may not be the solution, but he certainly wasn't the problem some make him out to be.

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based on good quarterback killer defence we could be in for trouble.

rey rey hit a few guys today and hard.............derek 9will be starting by then) will know he has been hit.

If we keep on playing like this we just might be detroit with a 0-16 record, but if that happens hopefully they would trade..DA, BE, Wimbley, Poole, JL, Barton, Bowlen, C.Williams, Fraley, St.Clair, and Harrison. So then we can get some real talent.

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