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Stuff I think I thought during and after the game


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1. It's still the right side of the oline. St. Clair and Pork Chop can't set up a screen when one is finally called.


2. We should have traded Edards. He can't get open. He's a gazelle with poor elusiveness and poor hands.


3. I would have had Robeiski in there, he's quick, FAST, has excellent hands, tough, and doesn't play. What?


4. Handing the ball off to Lewis is a power move. Those don't stretch the field. That's a hint to the Browns OC.


5. The Browns defense is really looking powerful against the run. But still, the glaring weakness is

intermediate pass coverage. McDonald is a tremendous athlete. Who cares, he still doesn't look back

to defend passes, he still whiffs tackles, and still turns the wrong way or keeps running, when the wr has stopped.

IOW, McDonald is great. then he's terrible. Then he's awful, then he's really good. Then...

Draft a cb to replace him. He just is not a smart football player.


5. I regret the day we let the dirty stupid stinkin ratbirds trade with us and they nabbed Ngata. Wasn't worth it and was stupid.


6. Jennings would have looked awesome in this game as an outlet receiver out of the back field. Naturally, he isn't there.

Harrison is dangerous out of the backfield, and running, so naturally the Browns are handing off to Jamal Lewis to try to run

off tackle.


7. We all love Cribbs, but why is he only a short route receiver? With the other wr's covered, Cribbs is the outlet,

and is getting his clock cleaned no matter who throws to him short. How about throwing to cribbs on a slant? Or Robeiski

on a slant? Hello? Is it just me or what?


8. The Browns' OC should kick his own self. He has a tendency to run up the middle after a pass. And, to throw

after the run up the middle gets stuffed. It doesn't have to be alternating run pass/pass run. I think defenses are seeing that,

it just looks like it to me.


9. The Browns are playing aggressively on defense except for the secondary. What's up with that? NOW that it's regular season,

we still have to watch them leave the wr's open in front of them every single FREAKIN DA.. sorry... time? Other teams' offenses

just laugh and play pitch and catch. I hate it. I really do.


10. With the right side being a great match for opposing defenses, those defenses can turn up the heat when the game is on the line.

Brady Quinn did have a lot of time a lot of the time. And he couldn't find a receiver open? A few times, he did have a receiver open, and he didn't see them, I think.


So, Drew Brees had open receivers and didn't see them. It happens. But, if you put DA in there, he's slower afoot, with his size twenty

clophoppers, and he locks onto receivers and throws real hard.


You'd be looking at Jay Cutler throwing four ints again. Or, kinda like that.


Lewis had a terrible outing, the receivers can't get open downfield, the qb has to throw short and they unload on those receivers.

And poor Cribbs gets blasted, and fumbles twice.


Yeah, putting DA in would fix anything?


Sorry, the Browns still have some glaring weaknesses in personel. Hey, if we had Hadnot, and a great LG to replace

Steinbach, Steinbach would be a better RT than St. Clair, IMHSO.


But, I won't make this number eleven, but the Browns really didn't match up well at all vs Minn., and they matched up worse vs

Denver, like always.


Cincy may give the squeelers and the filthy stupid ugly dirty ratbirds some grief. It's time for the Browns to go to

a two back offense. And, apparently, have both rb's block on the right side to give Quinn time to throw a quick slant to Robeiski.


Wait, Rob isn't playing.


Dammit. I thought I had something there....

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I believe that Robieski slanting over the middle would open up this offense,


and I am SERIOUS that we need somebody in at RT that can do the job. I am trying to convince myself


that St. Claire is a better RT than Shaeffer was. I think he cares a lot more.... but maybe it was just a very, very


bad matchup, and no two back offense to help protect Quinn.



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Rob is hurt?


Crap. A LOT of crap.


Though, I am honored that Lumbago posted in a thread I started...


I wonder what stupid thing he had to say.


To be honest, I don't think Lump is Stan....


I think he's Gumbo, Stan's buddy. Well, kinda maybe...


but to blame Quinn for the problems in that game is ridiculous.


Quinn was a part of the loss, DA has been part of the loss in the past.


The problem is, Mangini didn't have room in the draft to fit in a RT this year,


and Hadnot got injured.


The Browns' offense is centered around the talent they have when everybody is healthy.


They aren't, by any stretch, so.. I'll look for the Browns to make us proud in the next game.


Relax, folks, we're still going to the playoffs.


If you're going to dream, dream big.

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