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Cleveland and Orlando squaring off in the first round of the 2024 NBA playoffs next weekend

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Rarely get a chance to watch NBA games as I don't get networks that broadcast them, but the Cavs finishing fourth place in the Eastern Conference sounds like they're headed in a good direction with their third winning season in a row.

Any predictions for their playoff run?

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On 5/6/2024 at 12:21 PM, Bob806 said:

Cavs vs Celtics, gonna be tough. 

Hopefully Jarrett Allen gets better.

They have ZERO chance of winning 4 games against Boston. They will be lucky to win 1 game

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13 hours ago, Browns149 said:

They have ZERO chance of winning 4 games against Boston. They will be lucky to win 1 game

They'll win 2

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On 4/15/2024 at 7:01 PM, FairHooker11 said:

winning the 1st round has to be mandatory (after that its best of luck?)

otherwise the "soft" label will still follow this team in postseason 

and the firing of mr softie himself - Bickerstaff 

I hate the Iso shit and lack of ball movement Bitcherstaff has the team doing.. I just don't think he's the long term answer for the cavs as HC.. He has 0 clue how to put together or use a rotation to save his soul... It's maddening...


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10 hours ago, FairHooker11 said:

wow - Dean Wade Scores 20 Points In 4th And GAME WINNER Vs Celtics in 22pt Comeback


wasnt expecting that? 

that makes it 2 - 1 cavs 

Jesus and I turned the damn TV off with 2:00 to go..

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There are a lot of problems with this team as far as system goes... Now that is either a Roster issue or coaching.. Or possibly both... But several things about this team bothers me...

1). Bickerstaff: He shows no ability to adapt.. can't settle a rotation if his life depended on it.... Puts players in terrible positions... Wastes valuable TO's.. Has nary a clue of what a 2 man game is.. And no pick and roll option... Has no clue on how to use transition basketball to generate fouls(shooting) and scoring points...

2). The team is whoafully streaky.. Garland takes terrible shot selections... Wastes a lot of shots in desperation attempts ... Gives you just about nothing in terms of defense.. Him and Mitchell or Allen should've been able to work out a 2 man game between them and it just isn't happening.

3). Bickerstaff continues to do this Iso shit where one guy tries to make it happen while other guys stand around with their thumbs up their assholes...

I'm sure there's a bunch of other things I'm missing... But I think we've scratched the surface.. Its a pretty good basketball team.. But they need to be healthy and do better... I honestly think Bickerstaff is the main issue....

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