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Browns 'considering' DeAngelo Hall

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Crennel says Cleveland Browns will discuss signing CB DeAngelo Hall

Posted by Mary Kay Cabot November 07, 2008 13:49PM


Browns coach Romeo Crennel said today that the team will at least discuss the possibility of signing cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who was released this week by the Oakland Raiders.


Hall, a two-time Pro Bowl selection, was released after he reportedly struggled in the Raiders' man-to-man scheme and was beaten a lot in the first half of the season.


Other teams reportedly interested in Hall include the Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Redskins and Jets. Hall was traded by the Falcons to Oakland in March for a second-round pick in 2008 and a fifth-rounder in 2009. He signed a seven-year, $70 million deal with the Raiders, but received only $8 million before getting waived.


The Browns are least mildly interested in Hall because young cornerback Brandon McDonald is struggling. He gave up touchdown passes of 93 and 11 yards in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 34-30 loss to the Broncos and dropped two interceptions.


Hall has been nicknamed "MeAngelo" for his selfish style of play, and Crennel said the team would have to take into consideration the character issue before deciding to bring him on board.


I don't think he is necessarily the answer...but he couldn't hurt. A little more depth and experience wouldn't be a bad thing...as long as he can keep his 'me attitude' in check.


Still, overall I would say I would prefer looking elsewhere. It's not like we are going anywhere this year.

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I just don't see them paying Hall the kind of money he's going to want. I think they are right for at least showing interest, but I hope my faith in Savage isn't totally ruined by having him sign hall for an absurd amount.


wat up golf...My faith wouldn't be ruined....opposite in fact, hall is 6 foot + , Bmac is 5'9 at best and the last two weeks had Matt Jones 6'6 and Marshall 6'3 +....that aint gonna get it done long term...Bmac would be a great nickle back!

We'll see but he is there for the taking ...AT THE RIGHT PRICE!!!!! Paying him an absurd amount after the beating he took in Oak...would be a mistake, signing him would not.

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wow, that was fast:


Washington Redskins Sign DeAngelo Hall


Michael David SmithPosted Nov 7th 2008 2:05PM by Michael David Smith (author feed)

Filed under: Redskins


The Washington Redskins have signed free agent cornerback DeAngelo Hall, Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting.


The signing comes two days after the Oakland Raiders placed Hall on waivers. When no team claimed Hall, he became an unrestricted free agent, and the Redskins moved quickly to lock him up. No financial terms of the deal have been released, but Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Hall will receive the same prorated $1 million salary he would have received if he had stayed in Oakland, and that the contract contains a commitment that the Redskins won't use the franchise tag on Hall in 2009.


Although a lot of Redskins fans disliked the idea, it's the latest piece of evidence that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is more than willing to open up his wallet if it allows him to get another big-name player into the fold.


Hall spent his first four seasons in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons, where he was chosen to two Pro Bowls. During the off-season he signed a seven-year, $70 million contract with the Raiders, but they cut ties with him after he had played just eight games -- and after the team had paid him $8 million.


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looks like 1 mill a year right??? prorated salary...if that's true that's fking cheap..


"reports that Hall will receive the same prorated $1 million salary he would have received if he had stayed in Oakland, and that the contract contains a commitment that the Redskins won't use the franchise tag on Hall in 2009."

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That's 1 million for 8 games Solon


for a guy who got repeatedly torched


SO which is it???


....I said, they are correct for showing interest. and IF he can be had for the right price...the go for it


the right price would have been about $250,000 for the rest of this season.


Yeah...horrible decision....geesh

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Guest Masters
He was cut because he can't plan man to save his life. So we'd be replacing BMac with Bmac.


ludicris...two time probowler! 6 inches taller than bmac


When did 5'10" become 6 inches taller than another guy who is 5'10"






In his eight games in Oakland, Hall was beaten 40 times for 552 yards on 66 passes thrown his way, according to data compiled by STATS LLC. He gave up more yards than any defender this season and was tied for third worst in catches allowed.


Hall said earlier this season it took him time to get used to Oakland’s man-to-man style of defense after being able to freelance frequently while playing zone with the Falcons


That is getting toasted in man. BMac style.

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these are the guys I am interested in for next year:


Chris Gamble, UFA, Carolina Panthers


Gamble may not be the first player to come to mind when discussing top cornerbacks, but he has certainly strung together some really good seasons of play for the Panthers. He had six picks in his rookie season and followed it up with seven in ’05. He’s young, athletic, and has shown quality instincts for much of his early career. He is only 25, which will give teams an incentive to offer a long-term deal. It will be hard for Carolina to keep Gamble around if he has another strong season and isn’t signed to an extension before free agency.



Dunta Robinson, UFA, Houston Texans


Robinson missed nearly half the season last year, but before he was injured he was being mentioned alongside the top corners in the league, even though he played for a struggling Texans team. An injury last season forced Robinson to miss a large portion of the season, but he still had a pair of picks. He made a name for himself in his rookie season when he made six interceptions, three sacks, and 88 tackles. Any team would like to have his services in their defensive backfield, and if Houston doesn’t start winning, Robinson could look for a change of scenery with a more successful franchise.


Nnamdi Asomugha will be an UFA, but he will be a hot commodity and cost way too much.

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Guest Masters
That's my boy Milmaid.


I have never been able to stand that guy.


It's MILKMAID, get it straight!!!!! icon_lol.gif


Hall's good years came when ATL was getting all over QBs. He was their Anthony Henry, with more speed and less skill.

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