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Possible blockbuster trade?

Louisville Slugger

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Edwards is a FA after this season and either he walks or we franchise him and trade him. He isnt worth the money to Tag and keep him so why not go ahead and deal him.


Ive had a few cheap beers tonight and I thought of a pretty nice trade scenario.


Edwards(+ a low pick or a scrap player probably) to Dallas for Marion Barber


We get that one cut bruiser back that would be the cornerstone of out O for a few years given that hes only 26.


Why would Dallas do this trade you ask? Simple they love over hyped divas and who better the Edwards to fill the bill. He can give them that #2 that would "solidify" their offense.


Their backfield is crowded with youngsters Jones and Choice breathing down Barbers neck. So how could it hurt adding another playmaker to the offense?


Good deal for each team and we fill a whole for next season. One down 52 more to go



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mario your right Edwards is our only playmaker on offense but hes as good as gone next year so we better get something for him while we can. A bruising RB fits the bill in my book given we have no QB.


Romo is hand down the most over rated QB in the league but hes exciting to watch hes gonna be in dallas for atleast the remainder of the season.


Edwards also is a prime fit for Romo after the play breaks down Edwards would be a nice target to out jump a cornerback to land himself a spot on sportscenter.

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While I am sure Edwards wouldn't mind seeing himself in a Cowboys uniform (or any uniform that isnt brown/orange or silver/black). We better get a lot more from the Cowboys than Marion Barber. How about Edwards for McFadden and a few 1st round draft picks from Al Davis bc he seems to give those to anyone who asks. I'd like to see that for the simple pleasure of watching Edwards getting frustrated jumping for (and dropping) all those crazy Jamarcus Russell passes.


Keep drinking man! I usually find brilliant ideas hit between 6-8 beers...well they are brilliant until I wake up the next morning. Then I realize I am in jail and something happened with a traffic cone and a goat.

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