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Which teams will the Browns beat in 2009? VOTE!


Winnable Games in 2009  

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  1. 1. Which teams will the Browns beat in 2009?

    • Baltimore Ravens
    • Cincinnati Bengals (H)
    • Buffalo Bills
    • Pittsburg Steelers
    • Green Bay Packers (H)
    • Chicago Bears
    • Baltimore Ravens (H)
    • Detroit Lions
    • Cincinnati Bengals
    • San Diego Chargers (H)
    • Pittsburg Steelers (H)
    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • Oakland Raiders (H)
    • Jacksonville Jaguars (H)
    • None, we suck hard!

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Currently i dont think we can beat anyone except perhaps detroit and i wouldnt bet on that but hopefully things will come together if manfooli and daboob would leave furrey and MoMass on the field more...our current WRs are amonst the worst in the nfl so if daboob puts furrey/momoss in and these guys go bust we are in for a really bad year...the release of rucker doesnt help anything imo..

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I am still holding to my 6 wins.. The team we have seen the past 2 weeks, changes as the season goes on as guys get more familiar with thier jobs and systems. Most of you have been watching football long enough to know that the season is a fluid thing.. just because you suck in one week..does not mean you can't play lights out the next.


I hate all this doom and gloom after week two... Yeah the first two weeks have been bad.. I admit that.. but it is a long season.. This team is not going to win a lot.. but this is year 1 of a new regime.. and as much as I hate to say it.. it's going to take more than just one draft and a managment change to get this team into the playoffs... Why is everyone so surprised by this?.. that's my question.

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It is sad that I had to sit and think about whether we could beat the Lions in their house for a couple seconds...sigh.


Yeah, the brother in law is a Lions fan, and I watched the Detroit game before the Browns debacle. not sure if outside of massive improvement we can beat them Lions.


I was hoping for 6-10 or 7-9 before the season started, but right now that looks way optimistic.


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Hey Cal- I won an office pool in 1989 when I picked the Browns to go 9-6-1, we had to predict their regular season record. (seemingly the only prediction I've ever gotten right)....that's the most losses I ever predicted, still haven't gotten over the guilt :)



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Okay. Bob was one of em.


Now, who was the other comedian who picked all the games for the Browns to win....



hmm. now who was that... :blush:



Read about 4 posts up from yours Cal...


I already said that I predicted that we would run the table...14-2...

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After 3 or 4 games we should start to see this team come together and gel. You have to be patient mangini is till getting a feel for who can and who cant perform. As you saw this past week, changed were made on the roster.


Maybe some will have a fire lit under their asses to perform now.


When Lerner came to Mangini and asked him what he thought, he said lets jack up the gas cap and drive a new car under it. ;)
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