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Was water bottle fine really that excessive?


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Ok, sure a $1700 fine for taking a $3 bottle of water seems pretty insane, but we have to take into account that it was a $1700 fine on a player with a 2009 salary of $450880. I did a little number crunching and the fine doesn't look as bat shit crazy as first look. Here is the breakdown.


The fine ended up being .37% of Elam's base salary. Now we have to remember that is base salary without any of the many incentives that a *cough* superstar like Elam will make this year so it will likely be a lower percentage by the end of the year. For comparison, .37% of an annual salary of $50k is $185. Now 185 bucks is a little chunk of change but that is hardly going to break the bank. A $185 ticket for stealing essentially isn't out of ballpark. We found out that Lovie Smith fines his players $20 bucks for farting in team meetings. That would break down to .004% of Elam's salary and those farts would cost the average working stiff like us making $50k a whopping $2 dollars a fart. I know there are some meetings that I have been in where I would have gladly paid two bucks to let one rip.

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