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He would look Great in the Brown & Orange

Mr. T

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He would look goog in the Brown & Orange


Coach Dick Jauron was non-committal on Thursday when asked about Fred Jackson's role once Lynch returns from suspension following Week 3, BuffaloBills.com reports. "I think I’ll think about it after this week," said Jauron. “We’ve said all along we’ve felt like we have more than two (running backs). We love Marshawn and we love Freddy and Xavier (Omon) has done a nice job for us. So here we are. Marshawn is not here right now."


source: Yahoo Sports

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I can't see anything being done this season; mid-season trades with players of Lynch's calibre just don't happen that often. As to the offseason, my hunch is that by that point Jauron's assessment of Lynch will matter about as much as RAC declaring Quinn this year's starter.



Unless Wilson is completely senile, which might be the case after he hired Jauron in the first place, then kept him around for 2007, then kept him around for 2008, then brought him back for this year...

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This guy wouldn't look good in any uniform! haha






Just kidding. Im cool with whatever can help our team. What would you give up for him?

Lol love the caveman comparison its a close fit!

Its so easy even the browns can do it? Haha but mangini cant or wont theres no way lynch would want to come here anyway...

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