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Michigan=Notre Dame with a (Slightly) Better Defense


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Okay, I'll out myself here a little bit: even though I'm from Ohio, I've never had much hatred for Michigan. Maybe it's because I wasn't much of an OSU fan growing up, maybe it's because their uniforms are awesome, but I've never actively rooted against the Wolverines. Plus I've always kind of liked West Virginia ever since Don Nehlen was their coach, so I thought it was cool when Rich Rodriguez took over, even though I didn't think the spread would work at Michigan.


Given all the stuff that's gone on since he took over, though, I'm shocked at how good their offense is. Their defense will keep them from being a really good team, but they should be able to score with every team they play this year. Penn State and OSU are still the class of the conference, but look out once Michigan figures out how to stop someone.


So I'll pose this to the OSU faithful--yeah, it was fun to watch Michigan lose to Appalachian State, then go 3-9, but isn't there at least part of you that wants to see them be a good team, if for no other reason than that it means more when OSU beats them?



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