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From a Ravens fan: The sky is not falling for the Brownies


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OK so that was a tough game for ya'll, but I am here to say that I think you can turn it around. Maybe not this year (that's probably not what you want to hear), but there are a few moves the Browns can make to come back strong for next year.


You have the makings of a decent line, with Thomas as the anchor. They did a decent job of picking up the Ravens blitzes. I would expect a veteran signing this offseason coupled with drafting an interior lineman.


Get rid of Jamal or use him as a 3rd down back depending on salary cap and the CBA. He is obviously not the answer.


Trade Braylon Edwards this season for a draft pick (1st or 2nd, preferably 1st).


Keep Mangina till the end of the season, and make a big move for Shanahan, Holmgren, or Cowher, with Cowher being the ideal choice. I personally don't think Mangina is the answer for this team. They need someone with some fire (see: Singletary in SF). A defensive-minded coach would be ideal for facing off against AFC north rivals.


At this point, I would also consider using Ratliff. Why not see what he has?


Ravens fans do not take your team as a joke, and neither do the Ravens. Up until today, the Browns have always played us tough. They are missing some of that tenacity. This team is 4-5 players away from being a lot better. Fill up the line with some nasty players (build around Thomas and Rogers), and you will have a team that can compete in this division.

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Mack had a good day.


Exactly. People are bitching because of a few bad snaps but from what ive seen hes doing great for a rook. We can't expect every rookie to come in like Thomas and go to the pro bowl. Like Jason J said in a post a week ago the rookies should start filtering in the games more and more as the season goes on. They just have to wrap their head around a lot of new plays, different speeds, etc. It was bullshit that Mangini pulled Quinn though. Im not a Quinn lover but that had to have shattered any confidence the guy has.

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