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Prisco vs Judge Faceoff on Sportsline.com


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What's the worst team in the NFL?

Pete Prisco:

That's easy. It's the Cleveland Browns. Why? They can't score. They have one offensive touchdown this season and that came in garbage time in their opener against Minnesota. The quarterbacks can't get anything going, no matter who it is, in part because this is an offense without weapons. Where do they go with the football? But Eric Mangini is doing things his way, so at least the Browns have that going for them. Yeah, right. You also hear plenty of talk of dissension in the locker room. Mangini hasn't exactly won over his players. Did you think he would? The iron-fist ways work for Bill Belichick because he wins. They don't work when you try to imitate him. This team is a disaster. What are the odds they score 14 in a game this season? Anybody? How did Randy Lerner hire Mangini in the first place?


Clarke Judge:

Cleveland. The Browns are the HMS Bounty, ready to self-immolate. Players are unhappy. The quarterback is unknown. The head coach is unpopular. The ship has run aground. Get ready for the mutiny, people, because if you abhor the coach and you can't beat anybody there is bound to be raft of unhappy campers. But that's not what makes Cleveland the dregs of the NFL. This is: The Browns can't score. I don't care who's at quarterback -- Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Derek and the Dominoes -- it doesn't matter. These guys couldn't find the end zone with a compass. They have one offensive touchdown the last nine games, or 36 quarters. At that rate, they're liable to score again when the Indians make the playoffs. As former big-league manager Lee Elia might say, it's a disheartening freakin' situation, and there is no help in sight. Next loss: Cincinnati.



This is so friggin brutal...not even a mention of Oakland or St. Louis.


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