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Political Organization Funded by all used for ....

Mr. T

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One thing that is fascinating is that ACORN, by law, is not supposed to be a political organization.


Can The Lefties be straight forward about these ACORN discoveries?


While everyone knows they are being used as a tool for progressives.






A Republican state legislator released documents Tuesday which he says show the community-organizing group ACORN focused on helping Democrats in three legislative races in the November 2008 election and had developed a game plan to "take power” in Oklahoma within five years.



The documents, which include legislative district maps and various forms, were recovered from computers abandoned by ACORN workers in Oklahoma City, said Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City. Also found was a script apparently used in Houston to go door-to-door to encourage voters to vote for Barack Obama in November 2008.


"They say they’re not political, but one of the subdirectories was called political action plans,” Reynolds said. "It was their political plans to take over key targeted races in Oklahoma City to show how powerful they are.”


One of the key legislative races mentioned in the documents was the Senate District 43 race involving Reynolds’ brother. State Sen. Jim Reynolds, an Oklahoma City Republican who won by about 3,600 votes in 2004, won by 159 votes in 2008.


Mike Reynolds said he was contacted in late summer 2008 by people who had leased office space near SW 25 and Robinson Avenue to ACORN. He was told the group had stopped paying the lease. Reynolds said he bought two computers for which passwords were found in desks.


Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones said ACORN, officially the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, had three Oklahoma City offices in 2008. The organization now does not list any Oklahoma City office on its Web site.




Read more: http://www.newsok.com/acorn-plot-found-okl...8#ixzz0SiEfdjkx



This is another good reason why this group cannot be trusted to do the census.

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