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Lewis and Dawson Out Again???

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Sounds like Harrison will get another shot at starting...


Lewis and Dawson might miss Bengals game, too

Thursday, October 01, 2009


The Browns might have to play their second straight division game without running back Jamal Lewis or kicker Phil Dawson.


Both were idle again Wednesday after missing Sunday's game in Baltimore -- Lewis with a hamstring injury and Dawson with a right calf injury. In addition, right guard Floyd Womack (ankle) and starting left defensive end Kenyon Coleman (groin) did not participate.


"I'm just doing everything the trainers are asking me to do," Coleman said. "I'm trying to get better, day to day, and we'll see how it goes."


He said he hurt it early in the Denver game, "but I tried not to make it obvious. At least I did let the coach know."


In Lewis' absence, Jerome Harrison was one of the few positives in Sunday's 34-3 loss, rushing for 52 yards on 16 carries (3.3 average) with a long gain of 17.


"It was real hard not to play in Baltimore, seeing Jerome get out there and get some good runs and carry the ball efficiently," said Lewis, a former Raven. "I really wanted to get out there and help, but unfortunately I wasn't able to."


Is Lewis expecting the same results from the quarterback switch as in 2007 when the Browns replaced Charlie Frye with Derek Anderson?


"We're hoping for a lot," said Lewis. "But D.A. just has to go out there and do his job, just go out and try to not make mistakes and try to complete passes and take us where we need to go, and I think he's capable."


Lewis disagreed with former Ravens and Browns quarterback Trent Dilfer's assessment on ESPN that the offense is so bad that it doesn't matter which quarterback plays.


"The [scheme] has worked," said Lewis. "It's been successful, just like every other scheme in this league. It's a copycat league. I think it is a good scheme, and it does work. We just have to go out and execute at every position, offensively, defensively."


He hinted in an answer about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco that the Browns need to support their quarterbacks more.


"[Flacco] is real good, but it's not just that he's good," said Lewis. "It's the fact that they take care of him, and they don't put too much pressure on him, and they let him kind of play his game, ease him into his game -- and that's how it should be."


Maualuga, Benson idle:


Bengals starting running back Cedric Benson (knee) and rookie linebacker Rey Maualuga (knee) didn't practice. Maualuga, whom the Browns passed up several times in the draft, has 17 tackles, a sack and two forced fumbles.


Six other Browns were limited: David Bowens (knee), Rex Hadnot (knee), Shaun Rogers (foot), Eric Steinbach (knee), Corey Williams (knee) and Kamerion Wimbley (shoulder).


Edwards on going deep:


Browns receiver Braylon Edwards acknowledged he might have more chances downfield with Anderson in the game. In 2007, they combined for 16 TDs.


"You know D.A., he's a guy who likes to throw the deep ball, likes to get the ball out," Edwards said. "I like to run deep routes, so it's natural he'd look for me in those situations."


Edwards indicated the change in QBs couldn't hurt.


"To be honest, we can't do any worse," he said. "It sounds, I don't know, maybe it's bad to say, but I don't think we can play any worse than we did. I don't think we can go out there and go [have] another 34-3 game. I just don't see it happening. It's what I'm hanging my hopes on, just going out there and practicing hard."


Interesting how Lewis was basically implying by these quotes that it was a TEAM issue...and BE in his typical me first attitude was talking all about how he gets to go deep (nothing about helping the QB or protecting him or turnovers).


Anyway, another interesting thing was we were actually IN the games that JL played...and got blown out in the one he missed. We will miss him greatly due to the THREAT of the power game (although it isn't what it once was).

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I like Lewis on our team, in the locker room and occasionally on the field (not ready to give up on him yet). But I like that Harrison is going to get another shot. He's gonna have a tough day with 8 in the box & 2 deep, but let's see what he can do.


Dawson is a huge loss. We need Dawson on the field.

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