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2010 Draft Thoughts

Big Chuck

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Okay, I admit it. For the protection of my emotional well being, I've started thinking about who the Browns should draft in 2010.


The Browns should use their top 5 first round draft pick on quarterback Colt McCoy. We all know why.


Their second round pick should be the best available running back. That second round pick should be LaGarrette Blount of Oregon. He will be reinstated before the end of the season and lead the Ducks running game to dominate the Pac-10. At 6'2 and 240 lbs. he will become the dominant power back the Browns need almost as much as a good quarterback. Because of his suspension he will drop from the mid first round to the second round if the Browns are lucky.


I'm not sure who else the Browns should go after. However, I do know the Browns need an offensive tackle and a strong safety on defense. Of course, they could use an up grade of almost every position.


Am I the only one moving on?

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