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Browns Fans vs. Raiders Fans


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So I got curious as to what fans of POS teams were talking about on their message boards much like we are here. What I found was that it was hilariously similar. I wandered over to a Raiders forum and here are a few of the things I found.


1. delusional fans talking about how they thought a 9-7 record was feasable


2. QB trash talking


3. Owner bashing (in the raiders case, most fans just wishing Al davis would die at this point)


4. Poor drafting


5. Position needs and crazy trade ideas


6. Comments like "I think we are 3 years away from being a Super Bowl Contender"


7. Ruining of a "Once Proud" franchise


I could go on, but you can read for yourselves if you like. Personally, I found it hilarious. Bunch of fans arguing with each other over shitty football teams.


Hit the link if you want some laughs :lol:

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We had a Raiders troll on a Steeler forum I belong to.


Can you imagine that - a f*cking Raid-aahs troll?


As long as Kim Jong Il is their owner, they're fated to suffer futility.


Some zen for yinz:









..... an'at







YEA don't you hate it when you get TROLLS on your message board from other teams!

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I know a religiously devout raiders fan; he's a close friend of mine. I remember in the preseason he was saying 9-7, talking about McFadden having a great year, and he DEFENDED the Raiders draft of WR Darius Heyward Bay and S Mike Mitchel (On a side note, the latter went to my school, OU).



He loves to quote the Raiders tagline "Commitment to Excellence", which nowadays just serves to be hilariously ironic.



Oh, and for the record, he's in a "Two year Superbowl" mindset. As for the forum, I've been there before. You should have seen it in preseason. It was really bad. Then again, this forum was pretty bad in preseason too...

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