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Closed minded America! What the F


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I havent read all of the post by every person in these rooms, but i can say that something is not right here!


I will admit that people like bunker and cal sometimes almost seem to be fuckin with us... but i have read alot of their post and while some are a lil exagerated... they are still true!


the most recent is one Bunker posted of dan Rather!

That stuff goes on all the time... these news figure heads are bought and payed for and you people just right Bunker off as crazy.


Their are alot of conflicting ideas on this board and thats to be expected! But their are too many whiners too!


I suggest to everyone on this board take the time to think about everyones opinion! If you dont like it dont respond! if you are intreged debate!


but youidiots would rather call for your own speacial thread so that olny you could post there and all would be good b/c noone would be there to disagree!


Well thats not how it goes donw in the real world!

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Truth is, I'm all about having fun with, about 80% of the time.

Why be here if not to have fun? Build up fragile egos like OsuSev?


Several libs never had fun in their whole lives, except for complaining

about others who aren't as educated as they pretend to be.


I clout liberals minds, fight drivel with drivel, and stand up for the Stars and Stripes. icon_mrgreen.gif


Thrive the left! Empower to enslave!

To be anti is educated, not, to be brave !


I'm waiting to add the second written verse. It's up to a certain lib.

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