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Sam BradfordQB6-4223

Analysis: Has underrated arm, great feel for position; superaccurate. Last week: No. 1


Eric BerryDB5-11203

Analysis: Ultimate playmaker, in the Ed Reed mold. Last week: No. 2


Ndamukong SuhDT6-4300

Analysis: Explosive, relentless and consistent. Last week: No. 3


Jake LockerQB6-3226

Analysis: Developing talent whose physical tools are unmatched. Last week: NR


Gerald McCoyDT6-4297

Analysis: Disruptive force. Productive NFL career ahead. Last week: No. 4


Carlos Dunlap DE6-6290

Analysis: Physical tools are off the charts. Unlimited upside potential. Last week: No. 5


Taylor Mays DB6-3230

Analysis: LB size and CB speed. Last week: No. 7


Dez Bryant WR6-2220

Analysis: Dynamic receiver, punt returner and TD maker. Last week: No. 8


Colt McCoy QB6-2210

Analysis: Intelligent and resourceful. Can beat you with arm or legs. Last week: No. 6


Russell Okung OT6-5300

Analysis: Athletic, strong and fiery blind-side pass protector. Last week: No. 9


Jimmy Clausen QB 6-3223

Analysis: Polished QB, at his best when game is on the line. Last week: NR


Terrence Cody DT6-5365

Analysis: Tremendous clogger along the interior. Last week: No. 11


Sean Weatherspoon LB6-2245

Analysis: Makes plays all over the field. Last week: No. 12


Greg Hardy DE6-5275

Analysis: Difference-maker harassing the QB when at full strength. Last week: No. 13


Jahvid Best RB 5-10195

Analysis: Versatile, game-breaker supreme. Last week: No. 10


C.J. Spiller RB5-11195

Analysis: Multitalented, superfast, electrifying game-breaker. Last week: No. 14


Jermaine Gresham TE6-6258

Analysis: The best pass-catching tight end in college football. Last week: 17


Sergio Kindle LB6-4255

Analysis: Production finally matched his talent last season. Last week: No. 15


Jerry Hughes DE6-3257

Analysis: Prolific pass-rusher who could be a 3-4 OLB. Last week: No. 19


Brandon Spikes LB6-3243

Analysis: Complete MLB, solid in all areas. Last week: No. 21


Tony Pike QB6-6225

Analysis: Height, mechanics, arm strength and accuracy are all impressive. Last week: 23


Eric Norwood LB6-1252

Analysis: Productive, versatile pass-rusher, ideal 3-4 OLB in the NFL. Last week: 24


Trent Williams OT6-5318

Analysis: Quality bookend, moved from RT to LT this season. Last week: No. 18


Charles Brown OT6-5285

Analysis: All the skills you look for in a topflight NFL left tackle. Last week: No. 20


Brandon Graham DE6-2270

Analysis: Awesome athlete and force off the edge. Last week: No. 16

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Not sure how he can justify having Dunlap that high. Sure, the guy occasionally flashes elite ability, but he more often looks like this:



Graham should move up after abusing both of Iowas's NFL-ready offensive tackles. Not sure if he's athletic enough to play with his hand up - FWIW, he did play middle linebacker in high school - but I'd love to see him become our Woodley.

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Eric Norwood LB6-1252

Analysis: Productive, versatile pass-rusher, ideal 3-4 OLB in the NFL. Last week: 24



I have been watching this guy the last few weeks. He looks like the real deal.

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I didn't think eric norwood did that good of job vs. kentucky.

He had a lot of trouble when linemen went after his legs. Didn't show the kind of agility I was looking for, especially since I'm trying to project him to both OLB and ILB.


Still like him a lot, but I think he's at best a late 1st/early 2nd type, maybe lower.

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Kiper the Hyper always has to grab some unknown player, albeit one with some nice upside, and slap him onto his big board to generate some discussion. Jason Paul-Pierre? Yes, he is impressive, but his production isnt elite i.e., top 10 and he has George Selvie on the other end of the line

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