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Buffalo Bills: What to look for in week 5

Buffalo Bills Bag Head

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I've been watching the Bills ever since about 97ish and know our franchise pretty well and how we come to play. As of late I heard a quote in which I can't recall the ESPN analyst I heard say this but it sums up the Bills quite well.


"We're hard to play, but easy to beat."


Week 1 we lost yet another MNF heartbreaker, week 2 put away the Bucs after they almost fought their way back in, lost to the Saints after being gashed in the run game week 3, and were embarrassed on the road in week 4 against our division rivals.


Dick Jauron is the little engine that can't. "Play not to lose". That's his coaching motto. I don't remember the last time we blew out a team after completely outplaying them 4 quarters and our bend but don't break defense is something that's worn out it's welcome in many Bills fans eyes. He is a completely below average to horrible coach. As his three consecutive 7-9 seasons would indicate. Not to mention his 2-23 something record against WINNING ball clubs. It's downright pathetic. I don't expect anything different when we host the Browns week 5.


Quite honestly I don't know what to expect or hope for in this game in terms of who will come out victorious. I post on both message boards and like always fans are confident in their team easily taking care of the other one. I don't have the knowledge of your Browns (although I have been following them sorta and I've got nothin but love for the team/fans) so I'll give you a summary of our team and what to look for on gameday.


Trent Edwards: It's now becoming known nationally of how he plays. Scared. No balls. Fans around WNY refer to him as "Captain Checkdown" and quite honestly it couldn't be any more fitting. When he started on MNF last year he completed 10 passes to Marshawn Lynch. Our next WR had 3 catches and the rest only had 1 catch. Nothing much has changed from last year despite having two playmaking WRs in Lee Evans/TO. His favorite checkdown target is Freddie Jackson leading the team in 22 receptions. Josh Reed (our slot WR) is next on the list. He is taking a TON of criticism so I expect him to try and get it to Evans/TO early. The good news for Browns fans, Trent can't read a 3-4 defense to save his life. He had three INTs on MNF and it was almost comical. I was in attendance for that game and the amount of times he could have taken a shot he didn't. He checked it down and refuse to throw to single coverage or sometimes even wide open coverage. I expect at least 1...maybe 2 INTs to come against your defense tomorrow. Trent has NEVER played flawlessly against a 3-4.


Freddie Jackson/Marshawn Lynch: As of right now Jackson is arguably the most talented player on our offense. An AFC version of Brian Westbrook, the man is running it well out of the backfield and leading the team in receptions. With Marshawn Lynch coming back last week against the dolphins he only had 1 less touch than Jackson running the ball. He looked VERY rusty and like our old RB who would dance around way to much, Willis McGayhee. It is a nice 1-2 punch combo that hasn't been used to it's full potential. Look for Jackson/Lynch to be the majority of our offensive production.


Owens/Evans/Reed/Nelson/Fine/etc: Our WRs haven't lived up to their expectations in Buffalo according to most fans, but then again our QB isn't giving them many opportunities to make a play. Each week there has been more pressure to "get the ball to TO!!! and Evans" and this week will be interesting to watch. Yes, the Browns don't have the strongest defense in the NFL but Trent still has to be successful against a 3-4 defense. I expect the safer route to be taken and instead of coming out guns a blazing they'll rely on the more conservative ground game attack instead of airing it out to start.


O-line: Our LT Bell is coming back. Not that it matters. He is a penalty machine and was manhandled on MNF. But, it was his first start. He does show some promise though and is better than any option we have on our current roster for LT. Our 2 guards have been quite solid for the year for the most part. When push comes to shove, our line is anything but perfect. Expect a few sacks tomorrow which should put the pressure on Trent even more throwing against the 3-4.


D-line: Our 1st round pick Aaron Maybin is so far invisible. The holdout hurt him enough, and on draft day I was rooting for any DE but him. I wanted Orakpo. Oh well! We've had a decent pass rush but I can't say the same thing for our run D. I expect MAYBE a sack or two, but I think Joe Thomas will have his way with Schobel (He only seems to come to play vs Brady anyway)


LBs: Posluszny is out. Mitchell is at MLB now. He makes about one big play a game...usually. The rest of the game he appears to be out of position and a nonfactor. Ellison shouldn't be starting and they've moved a rookie LB I believe (Palmer?) to play. We even said we're looking for a spark on D. I just don't know if it'll blow up in our face.


DBs: Donte Whitner is out. Leodis McKelvin is out. Byant Scott is out. Byrd (our rookie CB that was convert to FS) is probable along with or #1 CB Mcgee. I've even read reports that our LB Harris (he played SS with the Sooners) might play back at safety since our Safeties are so decimated. We're so tricky with position changes!


So there you have it. I'd be happy to try and answer any other questions fans may have with what to expect.



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Thanks for the info there. Should be a good game didn't know your DB's were so beat up so hopefully it won't be too bad without an established threat in our WR corps. Not to say their bad but BE was good at drawing coverage. I think the Browns should get their 1st W this week but good luck to the Bills after that!

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We have many unanswered questions about the browns going into this game...the biggest being our rookie WRs and the effect it will have on our traditionally streaky and easily edged out of the pocket interception machine derek anderception...if he is hot buffalo loses..if he is mr. anderception the browns will lose..if DA is forced to be conservative under dabolls scheme and makes good decisions it will be a close game won by either in the waning minutes..


With our veteran LB DQJ out and our rookie david velkune likely getting the nod buffalo will have a percieved point of attack on the ground...this battlespot could play big on the game either way..


As usual over half the local media boobs take buffalo to win..and they may be right not having edwards will either open things up or completely shut us down we will find out at 1:00..im betting the browns open it up against a rather underestimated buffalo defense...;)

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Damn dude, sounds like a word-for-word of Brady Quinn in your description of Edwards.


And Jauron sucks. I'll never understand how that guy keeps getting jobs.


I think the game today will be a matter of who sucks less.


I was meaning to make a post and ask Browns fan's about Quinn. I only got to see the highlights of him when he was playing in the season opener and that fumble he lost looked similar to our ex starting QB JP Loserman...rrrr Losman.


The fan base currently is only at about 30% of Trent Edwards that believes he is still our "QB of the future!". The rest feel he is another bust QB in the long line after Jim Kelly.


How does your fanbase feel about Quinn? (If I had to guess I'd say it's about the same, but Quinn hasn't had much playing time at compared to Edwards who was in the same draft)

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