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the grassfire join the resistance

Mr. T

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Obama's nation

has begun.


Join the

(Patriotic, Resilient, Conservative)



Welcome to Obama’s nation...

The “transformational” figure who will “change the world” is now in charge, and he’s on a mission. Emboldened by an overwhelming electoral victory and a near-supermajority in Congress, President-elect Obama and his allies are preparing to implement his liberal, “post-American” agenda. Simply put, what President-elect Obama and the Pelosi-Reid Congress have in store has the potential to rapidly move America to the socialist Left.



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Guest Aloysius

You're welcome, T.


Perhaps I should have been more charitable above. After all, this piece of garbage only uses veiled references to Nazism, whereas all of your other posts play that card with the subtlety of a dull hammer.

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This is dumb. You don't have an American resistance to nothing, for cryin out loud.


Obama hasn't even been pres yet. If he's a fine pres by me, I'm a big fan.


But, like maybe a majority of Americans, I wonder if he really will suck bigtime, and

is just a trojan horse leftist.


Really nice folks are buying guns who never owned a gun before. I even have two friends

who want me to teach them gun safety.


I have good instincts generally, except for this year in ff. I really think Obama may have pandered to the left

most of his career. But he'll be a centrist as pres.


If not, and he really is a Chavez, @@, there will be an American resistance. I figure OsuSever will cut his ties

to the forum if Obama is a very bad pres - he will put America on ignore. Right now, I think we conservatives

should all put him on ignore. I have.


But right now, this whole subject is silly. Besides, you didn't get permission from some of the high ranking controlling NWO libs to post this. icon_e_biggrin.gif

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Again, cal, with your "majority of Americans" garbage? The election was last week, remember?


And I assure you we all want to hear the story about how you have two friends who bought guns for the first time yet again...it's downright riveting.


Oh, and I'm glad to see you have officially gone over the cliff and joined the NWO bandwagon.

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Well, one who seems to "feel" that the Bible stinks -


If I think it's interesting, I post it. I don't want you to think it's interesting -

I'd have to consider respecting your opinions a little bit.

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