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MMQB: Peter King gives Zastudil some love


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From the article:


Special Teams Player of the Week


Dave Zastudil, P, Cleveland.


Amazing a team can win, especially on the road, when its quarterback goes 2-of-17. The Browns beat Buffalo 6-3 in one of the all-time ugly NFL games because of Zastudil, and almost because of Zastudil alone. On nine punts, the Bills had seven return yards. Seven! With one of the best returners in football, Roscoe Parrish. Ladies and gentlemen, take note of this game, because it's one of the best a modern punter has had -- as significant as the game Mike Scifres had for San Diego in the playoffs last year against Indianapolis. Charting how Zastudil pinned the Bills back all day:

Punt Length Punted to Return status

1. 25 Buffalo 17 0 (fair catch)

2. 31 Buffalo 11 0 (out of bounds)

3. 54 Buffalo 25 22 yards

4. 44 Buffalo 1 0 (downed)

5. 42 Buffalo 13 0 (out of bounds)

6. 43 Buffalo 42 minus-15 yards

7. 45 Buffalo 1 0 (downed)

8. 45 Buffalo 4 0 (downed)

9. 57 Buffalo 16 0 (forced fumble leading to winning FG)


Average drive start for nine Buffalo drives on Zastudil's punts: Buffalo's 15-yard line.




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