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The Browns are setting up for a Big play

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Guest CardDawg

One thing that really pissed me off about Royal's drop on the long pass from Anderson is that we set that play up beautifully. Using a couple of series to pound it inside, we ran Harrison up the gut three times in five plays, and countered with short passes on that left side as if that was all we had. We get the ball back again and go right back to the short pass on the left side, followed by a run of Jamal Lewis for 18 yards, using Cribbs and Harrison as decoys ... baiting the safety up. The long run by Lewis set the perfect bait, now they had to roll someone up to stop the bleeding and WHAM! we exploit it perfectly!!! .... and that SOB drops it!!! ARGhhhhh!!


Man, I was so pissed ....


But we did finally get Cribbs to bust one around the end after using the decoy to an over-extent. I was just happy as hell to see us dictating, and not just running blind plays into the wall as usual.


Heading into Pittsburgh, I believe we can still use what we set up in Buffalo to exploit their over-commitments.


Cribbs is due to throw out of those same decoy formations that we used him for ... or at least we can make the Steelers expect he will throw, having them drop a Safety and/or LB back, which could get a good chunk of yardage on a Cribbs keeper.


I certainly hope we keep expanding the playbook though, especially in these formations using Cribbs and Harrison.

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