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Berea Report - Monday Nov. 10


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Donovan and Cabot tonight:


-Say the mood is bad in Berea and a feeling that players are playing for pride and their jobs, rather than for this season.

-Nobody can figure out who Jamal was talking about with the "check the ego at the door" comment

-No word on how the Monday players only meeting went today


Crennel comments:


-The team has to concentrate on one game

-He is not ready to discuss possible line up changes

-When asked about the offense, he said he liked the way Brady "moved the ball, managed the game, and put points on the board. And that's what is encouraging".

-Says he'll help B-Mac realize his mistakes. For example, he didn't "play the receivers hands" and the 93 yd TD pass


More Quinn comments by Donovan and Cabot


-Good leadership, huddle presence, didn't force the ball, opened things up, did not get happy feet when pressured

-Mobility good at the right time

-Say Brady may keep the Browns fans hopes up

-Hope to see improvement with the 10 day prep time


Quinn interview by his locker:


-Still being modest about his role in the loss

-Says he's going to work as hard as he can

-Plans on getting Braylon more involved


Steinbach interview by his locker:


-Oblique tear is getting better

-Seemed upbeat, and hopes to play Monday night against the Bills


Cribbs interview by his locker:


-Says his health is finally better

-Making good cuts again and he's clicking

-"We need to win 7 games in row and shock everyone. You have to be positive. I'm going to give it my all"

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