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Post-Game Browns' Quotes


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Looks like there is some frustration brewing in Browns town. From post-game interviews:


"We're not trying to lose every time we go out there," Anderson said. "We put tons of hours in this week and we felt good about the way it goes going into it. It's frustrating not to get the results that we expect."


That may have something to do with the fact that you practice against your shitty-ass selves during the week and have to play against real teams on Sunday.


"Josh Cribbs isn't going to play quarterback," Anderson shot back when a Pittsburgher suggested expanded use of the WildDawg to cure the Browns' woes.


He wasn't alone.


Guard Eric Steinbach said, "You can't have the WildDawg come in and save the day. It keeps them guessing. With an athlete like Josh, yes, I think it's effective. But we've got to get better with our offense."


Uhhh, Miami might disagree with that.


For the record, coach Eric Mangini said, "I'm not looking to make a move [at quarterback]."


Quinn Nation gets to cry for another week.


"You have to bring your 'A' game against an explosive offense like Pittsburgh," said safety Abram Elam.


The problem is Elam that your A game is other teams C game.


"I don't think our zone integrity was very good today," said cornerback Eric Wright. "They found the zones and made a lot of big plays. That's just the nature of Ben. I think mainly they found some soft spots in the zone. We gave them a lot and they took a lot."


Yeah, that was the problem...zone integrity, along with tackling, coverage, QB pressure, and general competence at football.


One time, Rapelisberger had more than seven seconds to survey the field when the Browns rushed three defenders. That's when he connected with Miller in the end zone in front of linebacker David Bowens.


"I was stuck in man coverage. It was just a long time [to cover]," said Bowens, who otherwise had a standout game.


Oh snap! Someone just said we can't generate pass rush for shit!



I think this is what they mean when they say "gone to hell in a handbasket."




EDIT: I did not change the article to say Rapelisberger. It auto-changes when you type his name into posts on this forum.

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